SYRP WesDax Capabilities

Visitors to this website can conduct interactive analyses on a core extract of SYRP data. The SYRP WesDax codebook describes the available data items, giving their values and source or derivation code. These will soon cover all the findings presented in the SYRP Bulletins and Research Reports. Users can create new cross-tabulations, define tables for specific subsets of youth, graph results, and export tabulated findings to Excel files for further work.

Advantages for Nontechnical Users

SYRP uses weighted data. WesDax automatically applies the weights correctly, so you do not have to be an analyst who knows how to use weights.

Benefits for Analysts Who Use Standard Statistical Packages

SYRP uses a complex sample design, which means that standard statistical packages do not compute correct standard errors, confidence intervals, and significance tests. One way to address this is to use specialized software, such as WesVar. However, you do not have to learn WesVar to use WesDax.  WesDax produces correct results because it runs WesVar in the background, transparent to users.

Access to the Full SYRP Public Use File

The SYRP public use file (PUF) includes all the items in the SYRP WesDax as well as the full set of interview answers. It will be available from the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. PUF users must use WesVar or an equivalent program that can correctly compute standard errors in the context of the SYRP sample design and weights.

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