SYRP gathers data directly from youth in residence through anonymous interviews. It was designed with substantial expert input and subjected to a large field test before its national administration. Appendix A in the Survey of Youth in Residential Placement: Technical Report details its development. Appendix B provides the instrument itself, which is also given in the link below. The instrument asks about:

The survey was administered via an audio computer-assisted self-interview (ACASI) system. Youth wore headphones and heard a prerecorded interviewer’s voice read the words on the screen. Youth indicated their response choice by touching it on the screen. The computer program automatically navigated to the next appropriate question based on the youth’s earlier answers, storing all the data anonymously and securely.

The interview took youth an average of 39 minutes (median 38 minutes) to complete. The majority of interviews took between 25 minutes and an hour (5th percentile: 24 minutes, 95th percentile: 59 minutes).

Download the SYRP instrument.

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